pasta secca di qualità

The quality of Dalla Costa pasta is all to do with the quality of the raw materials. It is made with highly selected durum wheat flours and using a very careful working process, from mixing the dough to drying. The result is a top-quality pastathat is flexible and firm, remaining full-bodied on the plate, with an aroma, colour and taste that makes it unique.

The firmness and quality of Dalla Costa pasta are the result of selected durum wheat semolina flour, the expert production process used, extrusion through bronze dies only and careful drying. The durum wheat semolina flour used to make the dough is obtained from the core of the grain of wheat. No additives or colourings are added to the dried spices and vegetables used in our pasta that give flavour, aroma and colour to Dalla Costa pasta. They originate from crops that are not genetically modified, are controlled and on which no radiation methods are used.

Dalla Costa embodies the sunshine of Italy and is the perfect expression of all that is best about Made in Italy.
We have therefore chosen to “certify” every aspect of our organisation and every process, because actions speak louder than a thousand words.



Attaining BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) certification provides a guarantee that our pasta is made according to the international quality standards firmly established by the two regulations. The Certification BRC and IFS certifications are operating tools used by all large-scale retailing organisations to qualify their suppliers of branded products, ensuring the quality and the safety of the food products they sell in order to safeguard the consumer. We have voluntarily chosen to adopt an operating tool that certifies the pasta we make and a management system that will guarantee its quality and safety from the hygiene and health standpoint.
Since 2017 we have subscribed to the unannounced audit procedure. In recent years we have successfully passed these audits with excellent results, obtaining the maximum levels in both certifications.

Organic certification

Certification of the Dalla Costa pasta Organic Production Method.
We have adopted the ICEA control system to certify that our Organic Production Methods are in accordance with EC Reg. 834/07 and 889/2008 transposed at national level by Ministerial Decree 18354 dated 27/11/2009. Our organic pasta is made with regard for the environment. Organic farming involves no use of chemical substances (fertilisers, weed killers, agrochemicals, insecticides and pesticides in general), nor Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Ministerial authorisation for Baby Food

Our Pasta Manufacturing Plant is authorised by the Ministry of Health to make organic Baby Food pasta, in accordance with Directive 2006/125/CE regarding cereal-based foods and other foods for babies and small children, implemented by Presidential Decree 128/99. The pasta, designed for young children over the age of 12 months, guarantees the highest quality because of the organically farmed raw materials that are used. This is a pasta for small children that is organic, controlled, guaranteed, safe and top quality.


The word Kosher in Hebrew means “confirming to Jewish law” or “genuine” and refers to foods that have been made according to the dietary rules dictated by the Bible.
This certification is an indispensable means of expressing and indicating the necessary transparency in a product that has been declared Kosher. Consumers rest assured that Kosher certified pasta has undergone and successfully passed the strict procedures required to obtain it.


The maximum indication of financial strength.