Private Label

We turn needs into solutions; we create pasta formats for all sorts of occasions with bespoke products carrying our customers’ brands. We dress the packaging in the exact way requested, because that is what we do – we are the tailors to the needs of our customers.


We offer our 20-year experience of pasta making and the ability to successfully develop special pasta shapes and unique formats to cater for the bespoke requirements of our customers.


Through the use of dried vegetables we produce aromatized pasta with original flavors . Our pastas flavoured with chilli pepper, with lemon with black pepper, porcini mushroom, asparagus, squid ink, salmon, tomato, oregano , spinach and basil , feature
a combination of durum wheat semolina with exclusive ingredients ,selected to to cater for the preferences of modern Italian as well as international consumers.

your packaging

As well as manufacturing different types of pasta, we offer customised packaging to satisfy all requests. Customisation takes the form of new brand design for the customer as well as the type of packaging, from the label header card to the carton, from pillow packs to double square bottom packs and printed film.